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Magnolia Hill's Guardian Home Agreement

This agreement is between the “Breeder“, Magnolia Hill Golden Retrievers/Kimberly Kutz, and _____________________________________, the “Guardian”.  


This agreement is for the guardianship of a male/female,  _______________________.  Out of ________________ litter, sired by ___________________________, born on ______________________________.  


The contract is entered into on ____________________________,



The dog will continue to be owned by Kimberly Kutz for _____ years from the date of the contract or until the agreement is terminated by one of the parties in a way defined in this agreement.  


$______________ has been paid for the dog.


Breeder Obligations:


  1. Breeder will provide guardian with detailed instructions regarding care of dog, feeding, training, and veterinary care.

  2. Breeders will visit the guardian home a minimum of 2 times per year during term of contract.

  3. Breeders will request transportation of the dog when necessary.  Breeder will give guardians at least a 2-day notice when transportation is necessary.

  4. Breeder is responsible for all expenses related to testing/breeding. If testing shows dog is not able to be a breeder, the Breeder will release the guardians from the contract with the option of buying out the dog/puppy or returning the puppy/dog to the breeder.


 In the case of a female, Breeder will breed her for a total of 4 or less litters (number will vary based on ease of pregnancy, delivery, and ability as a mother), after which proof of spaying must be given to breeder. In the case of a male, the length of time will be determined by need and ability to breed.


Failure to meet these obligations can result in the guardian terminating the guardianship agreement.

Guardian Obligations:


  1. The guardians are responsible for all expenses related to properly maintaining, containing, training and caring for the dog using methods approved by the breeder.

  2. Guardian must keep puppy/dog on a heartworm preventative and flea/tick preventative.

  • Recommended Heart Worm preventative- ProHeart injection,  Heart Guard, or Interceptor​

  • Recommended Flea/Tick- Simparica (not trio) or Nexgaurd

  1. Guardian must limit puppy’s exposure to dog parks, woods, any areas where other pets and wildlife roam until the puppy is fully vaccinated at 15 weeks with all Distemper boosters and completed his/her Lepto vaccine at 12 weeks.

  2.  Guardians must follow appropriate vaccination schedule (puppy- distemper booster every 3 weeks, from age 6 weeks to 15 weeks, and, adult dog vaccinated every year). 

  • These vaccines include- Distemper, Parvo, Hepatitis, ​Bordetella Upper Respiratory, Lepto, Lyme, and Rabies.

  1. Guardians must follow breeder’s nutritional guidelines, exercise the dog appropriately, pay for routine veterinary care and food related expenses and pay for sick visits to the veterinarian. 

  2. Guardians must surrender the dog to the breeder whenever stud services are needed and on occasions such as, but not limited to, doodle romps and veterinary visits.  For females, the female must be surrendered to breeder for breeding (2-3 weeks) and for whelping (up to 8 weeks).  Guardian must inform breeder as soon as the female comes into heat.

  3. Gaurdians must inform breeder if heats do not occur or other infertility issues, breeder will make arrangements for the next step. Guardian may buy out guardianship contract or surrender the dog to the breeder.

  4. Guardians must inform breeder of vacations and planned absences.  Any persons caring for the dog in the guardian’s absence must be approved by the breeder in advance. 

  5. Guardians agree to cooperate in arranging transport of the dog upon breeder’s request for testing, insemination, natural breeding or on other occasions as needed by breeder.

  6. Guardians may not choose or allow any elective veterinary procedures to be performed on dog without the written permission from breeder.

  7. Guardians may not use or allow the use of the dog for breeding purposes except those arranged for by the breeder.

  8. The guardians are responsible to ensure that all persons residing with the guardians and dog understand and abide by the contract.

  9. Guardians agree to reside within 45 minutes from Powhatan, VA for the duration of the contract.  If guardian moves to a location outside this radius, the contract may be voided. 

  10. Guardians will keep the dog contained, when outside, with permanent fencing. 

  11. Guardians agree that the dog will be an indoor dog and will never be kept outside for extended periods of time.

Failure to meet any of these obligations can result in the termination of the guardianship contract and the repayment of any breeding fee to date and if it causes the dog to not be able to be used as a breeder, a penalty fee of $3,000 will be due.




Illness, Injury or Death of the dog while in guardians care

  1. The guardians are responsible for seeking prompt and appropriate veterinary care in the event of injury or illness of the dog.

  2. If choices need to be made regarding type of treatment, the choices must be presented to and made by the breeder unless emergency treatment is required.

  3. If the dog dies due to negligence on the part of the guardian, the guardians owe the breeder any amounts already paid for litters or stud fees, plus the penalty fee of $3000. 


Negligence is defined as:


  • Failure to contain or supervise the dog in a responsible manner.

  • Failure to not vaccinate the puppy/dog on appropriate vaccine schedule (puppy- every 3 weeks from age 6 weeks to 15 weeks. Adult dog vaccinated every year)

  • Leaving the dog alone in a vehicle if the outdoor temperature is over 65 degrees.

  • Failure to prevent the dog from having access to toxic materials.

  • Failure to provide safe means of containment while the dog is in a moving vehicle (use of crate or canine safety belt) – will waive this for the ride home from the breeders upon first purchase.

  • Leaving the dog in the sole custody of a person under the age of 14.

If the dog dies accidentally due to circumstances beyond the control of the guardians, the guardians do not owe any payment to the breeder.



Accidental Death of the dog while in the care of the breeder:

If the dog dies while in the care of the breeder, the breeder will provide a replacement puppy to the guardian at no charge and the guardian contract will be terminated.



The guardians may return the dog at any time for any reason and the guardian contract will be terminated.

________________________________           ___________________

        Breeder/Kimberly Kutz                                 Date

________________________________          ____________________

               Guardian               ​                                        Date


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